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Introducing 33mail.com – Unlimited Disposable Email Addresses

I’ve just launched my latest project 33mail.com. Its a solution to the ever increasing problem of spam and the fact that you really can’t trust anyone with your email address anymore. The system is pretty simple, you sign up to 33mail with a username, say testing123, and you give 33mail your real email address, you can then create alias addresses using 33mail, such as blog.aclarke.eu@testing123dhy66s.kjjss33djjhsda2mail.com which will then be forwarded onto your real address. The kicker is that at any time you can kill the alias addresses you create, and because you can create unlimited addresses you can give a different one every time you need one.

The site is built with codeigniter and the email server backend is pure java.

I’d love to hear any feedback on the site design, functionality and the service as a whole.