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Laser card custom payment module for Magento

While helping my brother out with bringing his sports shop online, I discovered Magento which is a pretty kick ass piece of php. One thing that Magento doesn’t have at the moment is a payment module for Irish Laser Debit cards, so I decided to write my own.

Some resources that I found useful were this and this, The first being from the Magento wiki and the second from a forum post.

The process is pretty straight forward once you get your head around all the config files, there are basically 10 files needed for the module (Coolbreeze is just the package name I gave the modules akin to the Mage group in magento) :

the controller for displaying the input form in the store and admin

the controller for displaying the card details in the store and admin

config stuff

more config stuff

where the validation etc happens

the form template for the admin interface

the details display template for the admin interface

form display in the store

details display in the store

the main config file which tells magento that this module exist.

Here for your viewing pleasure is the module code to download.

To install it in a Magento installation just copy the app folder into the magento root and all the files will be put in the right place. Then go to admin -> System -> Configuration -> Payment Methods and enable the module.

Some cavaets :

I take no responsibility for breaking anything whatsoever so install this at your own risk or better yet look at the code and improve it.

The Laser number validation is pretty simple at the moment with no modulus checks. Something like this would probably be useful also as there is no client side validation just server side which works ok but is not ideal.

I’d love to hear feedback from anyone who uses this or finds it useful.